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Compak Sun

A mobile, strong and lightweight, high-power, plug-n-play solar array systems for rapid off-grid applications. Used as a stand-alone systems in tiny houses, disaster relief, military forward operating base (FOB) containerized power, and in meeting the many rural solar needs of 3rd world countries. This green unit is used as a plug and play solar array in larger power systems, such as in military installation micro-grids and temporary hybrid solar/diesel power packages, where the emphasis is on providing getting power to remote locations and saving fuel.

CPI Technologies offers transportable solar arrays and complete photo-voltaic off-grid packages.  Quick attach flat mount solar arrays to roofs, deploy solar trusses on the ground, or span areas creating shade while saving fuel.

COMPAK sun solar is available in expandable and connectable 1000 watt, 3000 watt, 12000 watt, and 36000 watt array sizes allowing quick setup for any size solar array.  Modified solar shipping containers, standard shipping container solar attachment, trailer mounted solar arrays, and easy to hook-up DIY solar well pump ( 1hp, 2hp, 5hp, 7.5hp, 10hp) packages are just a few available packages available from CPI Technologies, the go to name in quick solar.

Plug-N-Play Solar Module, 2.6kwh

Solar Package All-in-one