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CPI Announces Solar-Fast

The SOLAR-FAST TM technology enables rapid deployment of modular microgrid solar segments in 50kW power blocks, with total activation time of 30 minutes with a crew of 4. … [Read more]

Mobile Sensor Towers Available from CPI

Mobile Sensor Towers Available from CPI

CPI Technologies announced today the availability of our mobile towers for use as sensor platforms for a variety of uses such as video, radar, relay and/or audio.  Based on patented truss technology … [Read more]

CPI delivers solar to Kissimmee Utility

CPI Technologies has delivered a solar-powered trailer to Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) for their use in public events and educational opportunities.  The trailer is capable of off-grid power … [Read more]

CPI delivers solar to Seminole State College

CPI Technologies announces the delivery of a solar-powered trailer to the School of Engineering, Design and Construction at Seminole State College for use as a teaching lab for their students.  … [Read more]