CPI Announces Solar-Fast

The SOLAR-FAST TM technology enables rapid deployment of both fixed tilt and single-axis tracker modular solar segments, significantly reducing both installation labor and schedule. For both fixed tilt and single-axis tracker, modular segments are typically made up of 50-60 PV panels, containing two optimized electrical strings. Single-axis trackers dominate today’s new installations and are described here. We are currently under development, and seeking additional team members to help bring this exciting new technology and methodology to Proof-of-Concept by Q3 2024. Contact CPI for more information, as detailed disclosure requires a signed NDA. However, see attached “sanitized” one-page description below.


Mobile Sensor Towers Available from CPI

CPI Technologies announced today the availability of our mobile towers for use as sensor platforms for a variety of uses such as video, radar, relay and/or audio.  Based on patented truss technology these towers utilize the same structures as our previously delivered horizontal solar fields.  This technology provides powered deployment and re-deployment from small platforms in remote locations delivered via LTT, solid platforms for sensor accuracy, towers that extend to 104 feet, and payloads up to 250 lbs..

The truss technology provides a small “packed” cargo size for shipment to the site and a large extension capability as needed.  Solar power is available for silent off-grid operation, as well as diesel generator or on-grid capability.  Benefits to our users include small shipping packages, rapid on-site powered deployment, and solid platforms for sensors.

CPI delivers solar to Kissimmee Utility

CPI Technologies has delivered a solar-powered trailer to Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA) for their use in public events and educational opportunities.  The trailer is capable of off-grid power generation using both solar power and/or gas generator, and on-grid power utilization by connecting to the grid. 

KUA owns, operates and manages the municipal electric system established by the City of Kissimmee in 1901. Compared to the other municipally-owned electric utilities, KUA is the sixth largest utility in Florida. KUA’s 300 employees serve approximately 70,000 customers in Kissimmee and surrounding areas.

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