Applications :: CPI Technologies

CPI Technologies’ modular truss building blocks allow the creation of Mobile Folding Solar Panel Arrays of any length and wattage.  Contact us today for Mobile Solar Power and all-in-one Mobile PV power stations. Packages are expandable and link-able solar units of 1kw, 3kw, 12kw, and 36kw making solar micro-grid, mobile solar grid-tied and hybrid solar pv/diesel plug and play systems easier than ever.

Because CPI Technologies patented trusses are used in both horizontal and vertical applications the problems that they solve are horizontal or vertical.  For example, a solar field is typically configured as a horizontal configuration, whereas a mobile antenna or scaffolding is typically configured vertically.

In both horizontal and vertical applications there is no other solution that has such a high compaction rate (that is – it stores in a very small space and expands to a large solution) and yet is built with such significant strength to support your application.  The inherent nature of mechanical trusses is that they deliver more support strength per weight of structure than any other support device.

In addition, all parts of our standard solution are completely assembled and tested in our factory in Florida before shipment.  This eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming on-site technical “experts” to wire or erect pieces.  On-site installation of the COMPAK products is a simple sequential deployment of the truss – either horizontally or vertically, and easily accomplished over rough terrain by 2 people.