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Mobile Folding Horizontal and Vertical Truss Solutions

Patented Truss – We have developed a patented truss technology on which a variety of standard power generating products (such as PV panels, wind turbines, cell antennas, microwave antennas or any combination) from other manufacturers are easily integrated.  That is, we are agnostic to the manufacturer of the products that you need to solve your problems.  We easily integrate those products into our product line of high compaction folding trusses – COMPAK – that enable high strength portable solutions to a variety of markets.  Our finished systems are built and tested in the factory, minimizing the time required in the field to deploy them into operation. In many cases, the products are mechanically/electrically integrated, factory tested, and then folded for transport, ready plug-n-play in the field.

Modular and Mobile Design – The modular design of CPI Technologies’ COMPAK products allow them to be configured into a standard ISO shipping container, small trailer or small autonomous deploy vehicle, depending on the application and/or energy generation capability of the unit.  This modularity enables them to be deployed on-site, anywhere in the world, typically in less than a couple of hours with a crew of 1-4 people.  Our mobility also allows these units to be easily moved and re-deployed after initial installation if and when needed.

CPI delivers timely and cost-effective solutions to our customers who need mobile, off-grid energy capability. We provide transformational, yet low-risk, technology products that create a competitive edge.

CPI Technologies, LLC was incorporated in 2011 and is headquartered on the Space Coast of Florida in Cape Canaveral. A small U.S. business, veteran owned and led, with innovative off-grid and on-grid power solutions that meet both government and commercial needs. We develop and manufacture horizontal and vertical mobile folding truss solutions for these and other applications.